About Jason Silvestri

" I'm an expert Web Solution Architect that uses creative design, software development and web solution architecting to separate clients from their competition™." Read more

BETA 2017 JasonSilvestri.com

The 2017 JasonSilvestri.com website is a BETA website that uses all the latest parallax, responsive web design, client-side & server-side technologies, which outline a large array of services that can be applied to developing sophisticated websites, web applications and mobile experiences for you.

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I had a purpose for this 2017 build. I wanted to ensure we had an over abundance of features on the website you and I could proof-of-concept talk through, instead of wondering whether or not I can help you with this task or that. I much rather us focus sooner on the various features you need me to develop.

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Common Technology Use

Almost all projects I work on today, including JasonSilvestri.com, uses technologies that range from HTML5, CSS, C#/VB.NET, WebForms & MVC, Ajax, Bootstrap, Entity Framework, SQL Server, jQuery and AngularJS, to other areas of web development such as responsive web design (mobile friendly), parallax web/mobile architecting, multi-threaded applications, SasS, Ajax, JSON, Web Services, Web API and more!

Business Tier Skill Matrix

Some clients and/or employers see the technologies and supporting services and often wonder how much time I spend across business tiers. Although my time on tier varies with each project, my current time on each main tier is as follows:





Jason Silvestri's Team

Jason Silvestri, CEO and Project Manager

Jason Silvestri

CEO & Project Manager

Jason Silvestri, Sr. Client and Sever Developer

Jason Silvestri

Sr. Client & Sever Developer

Jason Silvestri, Web Solution Architect

Jason Silvestri

Web Solution Architect

Some Recent Clients & Projects

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  • Rovio Jason Silvestri Client Project
  • NHL Jason Silvestri Client Project
  • NFL Jason Silvestri Client Project
  • WWE Jason Silvestri Client Project
  • STIHL Silvestri Client Project
  • Trip Advisor Jason Silvestri Client Project


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